Wednesday, November 30, 2016

“To oscillate photons need energy, that is why they emit Gravitons with negative energy and negative impulse.” Adrian Ferent
From Newton, Maxwell, Einstein…you learned that light, photons are perpetual motion machines, are in perpetual motion.
All physicists, mathematicians, engineers…were not capable to explain the Gravitation.

 “My Nobel Prize - Discovery: the Photon – Graviton pair (coupled) has the same speed and frequency, and the photon energy divided by the graviton energy, is the electromagnetic energy divided by the gravitational energy, the electromagnetic force divided by the gravitational force” Adrian Ferent
“Ferent equation for the energy of a photon E = h × f + a × f ” Adrian Ferent

“Ferent equation for photon – graviton interaction: E = h × f + a × f - a × ν “ Adrian Ferent

The most important properties in my view of the Gravitons:
  1. Gravitons help photons (and all the particles) to oscillate.
  2. Gravitons collapse matter, bring everything together.
  3. Gravitons transfer energy, transfer mass. The Higgs boson is not involved.
Because of these properties the Graviton is the most important particle, is the God particle; not the Higgs boson.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

“I am the first who explained the Gravitational redshift”
                                                                          Adrian Ferent
I discovered the equation for photon – graviton interaction:

                           E = h × f + a × f - a × ν

All the physicists, mathematicians, engineers…where not capable to explain the gravitational redshift.

Time dilation in Special theory of relativity is caused by positive energy.

“Gravitational time dilatation is caused by negative energy”
                                                                                           Adrian Ferent

Only my Gravitation theory explains the gravitational redshift.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Einstein's happiest but wrong thought!
“Einstein's equivalence principle is wrong because the gravitational force experienced locally is caused by negative energy, gravitons energy and the force experienced by an observer in a non-inertial (accelerated) frame of reference is caused by positive energy”
                                                                                                                       Adrian Ferent
Because Einstein's equivalence principle is wrong, Einstein’s gravitation theory is wrong.
“Einstein’s gravitation theory is wrong, because is limited to the speed of light” Adrian Ferent

Einstein described his discovery of Equivalence Principle as the "happiest thought of my life". 
Looks like the "happiest thought of Einstein’s life" was a wrong thought.

 What is worst in 100 years all the scientists (because they did not comprehend Gravitation) did not understand that this thought is a wrong thought. Your professors taught you a wrong theory.

Hilbert was a mathematician, like Einstein he did not understand Gravitation, but they discovered the General theory of Relativity, in my view a wrong theory.
What is the difference between time dilation in Special theory of Relativity and Gravitational time dilatation?
Time dilation in Special theory of relativity is caused by positive energy.

“Gravitational time dilatation is caused by negative energy”

                                                                                           Adrian Ferent

Friday, November 18, 2016

What is around us, around the Planck universe?

You learned at university from your professors:
- the Universe is infinite, going on forever, or its finite, with a limited volume with no edge, it’s not expanding into anything, it’s just expanding
- the Universe is inside of a black hole
- roughly 68% of the universe is dark energy because we know how it affects the universe's expansion
From my Gravitation theory:

“Around the Planck universe is the Ferent universe” Adrian Ferent
“The Ferent universe with supermassive black holes is speeding up the expansion of the Planck universe, not the dark energy” Adrian Ferent
“Dark energy does not exist”  Adrian Ferent   
“Around Planck universe are supermassive black holes” Adrian Ferent
“Our Milky Way galaxy will be absorbed by a supermassive black hole from Ferent universe”  Adrian Ferent

Monday, November 14, 2016

“Dark energy does not exist”  Adrian Ferent                          
I explained: Big Bang and Big Crunch oscillation, from Ferent wall.
Einstein's theory of gravitation is wrong and my theory explains the cosmic acceleration.
God is eternal.
Wrong 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics, no Dark energy!
“Our Milky Way galaxy will be absorbed by a supermassive black hole from Ferent universe”                                                                                                                      Adrian Ferent

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

From Religious leaders to scientists they talk about soul, God, life and death like 2000 years ago.
Here is my new theory on these topics.

I defined the Soul force or the Fifth force mediated by soultons.
“Because the soul does not have electromagnetic properties and gravitation we can not see, detect, measure…souls, angels, saints. “             Adrian Ferent                                                                                                           
Now you can understand why the soul will not go in the grave with your physical body and will not be incinerated with your physical body. Anyway your souls can not be burned because do not have electromagnetic properties.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Today smartest physicists, Stephen Hawking, Edward Witten, Michio Kaku say erroneous things about God and Consciousness.
In 2006 when I wrote my book, I Am Creating God, where I tried to link God with Consciousness, the smartest scientists did not talk about God and Consciousness.
Vision means to study something very important, the most important thing, when nobody understands it. And of course I did not get a job because of my vision.
My Gravitation theory explains that the Gravitons, the Gravitational waves have a speed higher than the speed of light.
I am wondering if in couple years, all the great scientists limited in thinking today to the speed of light for the Gravitational waves, will not talk about Gravitational waves with a speed higher than the speed of light.
You do not learn about Consciousness at university, because the majority of professors and students, 98% how I calculated, have ‘small’ Consciousness.
Your professors do not understand Gravitation, they teach you Einstein Gravitation theory a wrong theory, and this means they have ‘small’ minds, not only ‘small’ Consciousness.
"What did Darwin not understand? The evolution of consciousness"
                                                                                           Adrian Ferent

Sean Carroll says erroneous things about Consciousness: